Tech update

I am not sure if some of you guys are following the CRB vs NPR thing about them increasing the online royalties to musicians.  I posted about it a couple of days ago. and found another article about it if you’d like to read it.

How about some technology updates? There’s is a cool new phone in development that supposedly runs on solar power.  That is a neat idea but I would worry about scratching the solar panels in the phone and maybe they won’t work or have less power.  It’s a great idea but i would not buy their first model since its bound to be er…not-so-good, just look at the first models of camera phones.  That somehow reminds me of a myspace article I read on the NY times.  I do like myspace in the sense that, again, it was a good idea.  A way to meet, network and communicate with friends, post comments and make your own profile webpage (although they all look about the same unless you’re really good).  Well, like many really cool businesses we have seen, Myspace looks like its turning a little over to the money-loving side. Aperently they don’t like outside things and third-party software to be embeded on their site. I just gotta say that I really don’t like that.“You guys used to be so cool,” wrote Tia Tequila, a personal friend of Tom Anderson, of MySpace. “Don’t turn into a corporate evil monster.”

Now onto gaming.  You know, I should broaden my topics more…maybe include a make-up section, an advice column, and some porn links, lol.  I was very pleased to see the rumors about Devil May Cry 4 are becoming more solid.  It looks like it’s gonna come for the 360 and they might even make a PC version of (fuck yeah!!).  Their website is here, although it’s mostly in japanese, though.  On politics, the congress is trying to introduce a legislation in which the ratings for video games should also include the hidden content and such, so, even though most of the game is pg-13, if the cheat level is rated M, the whole game is rated M now, darn it! Why won’t you guys just leave the poor kids alone…I turned out alright, didn’t I? now shut up or I’ll shoot you in the face, then run you over with my Banshee untill floating money appears over your corpse (while a cop is not near of i might get a star) and then cast Fire 3 on you!

Oh and I forgot to say, Mozilla is planning on doing their own desktop environment.  some of you guys might be interested in that. The discussion already started.

That is all I have for today I believe, else, I will update later.  Let me know if you’d like me to post things about an specific topic.


~ by kaliastrih on March 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “Tech update”

  1. Testing Comments.

  2. Testing Replys and html



  3. strikedout

  4. left

  5. No alignment allowed, “” not working, using “” instead, testing “pre”

    1 2 3
    444 555 666

    7 ocho nine yu!

  6. oops

  7. conclusion: Basic html allowed, nothing fancy. CSS and JavaScript not tested yet.

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